Edible Guernsey aims to re-imagine our food landscape.

The aim of this project, formalised and registered as the charitable entity ‘Edible Guernsey LBG’, is to reimagine the food landscape in Guernsey; reinvigorating the production of food in artisan, smallholding, community and commercial structures, providing for food security, education and innovation.

Edible Guernsey aims to provide education opportunities to teach our children, and the wider community, more about food production, values and healthy eating. We believe success will be found in the increased enjoyment, knowledge and consumption of locally grown produce throughout the community.

The edible farm

olly treeSignificant work is already underway at the Edible Farm with groups of volunteers and community service work groups clearing weeds and brambles inside and out, planting trees, removing old mechanical infrastructure, tidying and preparing the soil for planting. Work on the site progresses every week as the project starts to take shape though organised working parties and with so many contributions from an ever growing list of sponsors.

If you, or your friends and family, want to get your hands dirty helping this project grow and enjoy the many rewards of home-grown food? Get in touch.

Read on to find out more about our project goals.

The edible directory

The edible directory framework is built and ready to go, click here to view.
What we need now is the data and there is no one better qualified to provide this knowledge than you. Few will know the hedge veg stalls, cafe’s and food shopping tips relevant to the areas around your work or home better than you do. Screen Shot 2015-02-22 at 17.23.46 By inputting this information to the directory we can create the definitive guide to food in Guernsey. Every listing offers a feedback and rating area where you can share your love of the produce and leave useful feedback for other users.

To find out about volunteering your time in any aspect of the project read more here.

You can donate to Edible Guernsey at any time direct to our Paypal account. It will always be gratefully received, simply click on the button below. Thank you