Companion planting

A simple pictorial guide to companion planting helping to reduce pests, maximise productivity and make efficient use of space.

Many of the problems experienced in large scale farming are due to the expanses of single crop, or monoculture, requiring significant intervention with chemical pesticides and fertilisers, in order to feed the crop and prevent pests and disease in a cost effective manner. The cheaper the food on the shelf, especially when imported, the more likely it has come from a large scale farming structure with a range of chemical nasties applied.

At the edible farm we offset the cost of producing the finest quality fruit and evgetrables by working with volunteer labour in exchange for produce and aim to celebrate the diversity of companion planting. We share this simple guide to help other smallholders follow suit.

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Vegetable-Planting-Calender A4

Vegetable-Planting-Calender A4_2