Why get involved?

There are many reasons to get involved with Edible Guernsey, these are just a few…

  • Know absolutely the source and quality of your food
  • Reduce the cost to your family of sourcing the highest quality produce
  • Be part of a pro-active and productive community project
  • Support local food production
  • Increase food security in Guernsey
  • Improve your food education and that of future generations
  • Step away from the stresses and strains of our busy lifestyles
  • Get some fresh air and have some fun!

  • How to get involved?

    Edible Guernsey welcomes individuals, groups and families. There’s no need to have any growing experience. All you need is a little time, curiosity and a willingness to get involved, there is always plenty to do.

    In fact your involvement doesn’t even need to be on the farm. We need support from a very wide range of trades to run the project, from mechanics and electricians to accountants and administrators.

    Of course we can always use your help from home too. There is nothing we don’t collectively know about the food available on island. You could help us ensure the Edible Directory is robust and full-featured by submitting your specialist knowledge to the community.

    Soon you will be able to drop in at the Edible Farm during daylight hours, any day of the week to lend a hand. Whilst we get up and running, time on site initially is arranged in fixed working parties, on specific dates to help develop the infrastructure. To register an interest in joining the next working party please get in touch.

    Once we are fully open for business we will publish a timetable of supervised hours on site until such a time as the site is fully staffed. If you are able to help as a volunteer supervisor we are very keen to hear from you. You needn’t have extensive growing experience as we have a team of mentors helping to guide the project, instead a little background knowledge and the time and skills to pass it on.

    We especially need your support whilst we are growing, to help us open the site to the community full-time. Until we are open full-time simply register your interest and we will let you know how and when you can help.