Our Story So Far…

We’ve been working hard at the Edible Guernsey Farm with groups of volunteers and community service groups clearing weeds and brambles inside and out, planting trees, removing old mechanical infrastructure, tidying and preparing the soil for planting.

Our existing members have been working at the site for over 5 years, creating raised beds and stocking our hedge-vedge stall.

We have also been receiving great help from The Community and Environmental Project group who have been a great help clearing brambles and clearing overgrown areas to allow us to plant there as well as groups like the Oberlands Recovery and Wellbeing service who have helped tend some of our patches.

We have been lucky to have 200 tonnes of soil donated and our members have helped to turn the soil to make sure it is the right condition for our planting to thrive. We have also been donated hundreds of raspberry plants by Forest Foods and Mens’ Shed have given us seeds.

We have an on site well which was in need of repair to provide water. After some hard grafting with our neighbours, Mens’ Shed to bring back to a usable state. We have now installed the right infrastructure to deliver a water supply across our site.

Thanks to Ronez who have donated some road planings to us, we have been able to resurface the access road to our composting area.

To help stock our tool bank and help install an irrigation system, we have received a generous £950 from the Co-Op Green Fund.

To our delight, we can now see African corn, ground nuts, peanuts, carrots, berries, fruit trees and sweet potato flourishing.

If you would like to lend a hand or would like to donate materials, take a look at how you can get involved here.