The Edible farm

The edible farm will comprise of many aligned activities, all based on one community friendly vinery site.

Preparation is under way for the production of herbs, fruit and vegetables; fruit trees and orchards, education areas and animal husbandry. The work to transition from preparation to propagation is being undertaken through working parties and you are very welcome to help out. Once planting structures are in place volunteers will be able to drop in and help in the production of the finest fresh fruit and vegetables.

In time we hope to build an indoor park abundant in edible plants, with farm shop, café and social spaces to share and enjoy time with friends and family.

The community farm will provide individuals, families and groups the opportunity to trade their time, under guidance from experienced growers, to produce food in exchange for points which can, in turn, can be exchanged for fresh produce.

We are going to need plenty of support, especially at the start to get up and running. If you are interested in volunteering please get in touch.


The Edible directory

The purpose of the directory is to provide the community with a definitive guide to locally produced food and to help us better understand the existing food landscape.

The directory will make it simple to discover retailers and restaurants, hedge veg stalls and smallholdings, in fact any business, place or individual that is playing a role in local food production.

The directory is an integral part of this website, you can explore the listings and contribute your own specialist local knowledge . In time we will also make the directory available in print.


Edible Guernsey

We are blessed with a truly stunning island landscape that already offers a wide range of edibles in our natural environment.

Our aim is to increase awareness of foraging and educate islanders about the foods which can be found in the land and seascapes on our doorstep.

Edible Guernsey also aims to encourage the responsible planting of edibles into the wider landscape which would be free for the community to enjoy. This includes parks, common land and coastal areas as well as planters, verges and window boxes throughout the island.

If your business or windowsill has planters full of spiky or lifeless plants and you would like to make a difference please get in touch. Or if you can share information about an abundant blackberry site, a haven for sloe picking or a great ormering site then please add it to the directory.


Long term plans

During the initial 10-year lease we will work to establish a thriving community farm, a comprehensive directory and abundant edible landscapes throughout the island.

Our long-term goal is to create a fresh new perspective on the production, consumption and celebration of food in Guernsey.

The extended aims for the project are to establish multiple Edible sites around the island including community farms, farm shops, cafes and social spaces abundant in edibles where people can gather to grow, eat and socialise year round.